Songs come naturally. The record-making process should be the same way.

Creating music is like making a movie… We can make the sounds larger than life. At the same time, it’s like making a documentary… Capturing the heart of a moment. My goal is to create music for you that is authentic and connects with your intended audience. No matter where you live in the world, we can work together via online collaboration. 


Each client is different, but my approach has been refined to provide a stellar result every time.  



The truth, the music &me

Tamara had her record beautifully documented by Robb Cox. We tracked most of the record in Nashville but while Tamara was in the UK touring we got some time in the studio to finish off some final parts. I mixed the project completely remotely (I was in the UK and Tamara was in the USA). 



We work together from song creation to finished production. Firstly by developing a vision for the song/project, then making that vision a reality in the studio. Some projects I do completely remotely, with myself in the UK and the artist on the other side of the world. Some projects we work together in person. There is a natural, fluid process for every circumstance. 



I create the final product and all the variations you'll need for releasing your music.



If you're an artist, songwriter or studio owner I can help you develop a path to your desired destination. Give me a call I'm always interested to chat.